Random full name wheel (fist name + last name)

Use this spinning wheel to generate a random male or female English full name (first name and surname).

The results are in!

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Pick a random full name

This name generator wheel allows you to select random names from a predefined list of 200 names - equally divided with 100 male names and 100 female names. Each name consists of a first name and a last name (surname). Hit the "spin" button and the wheel will pick a random name out of the list. We believe using a spinning wheel to find a names is a lot more fun than the standard random generators out there - we hope you do too!

Character names

Those who are working on their next novel, screenplay, or stage play will undoubtedly understand that coming up with names for all characters is hard! On average, novels have 2 to 5 main characters and up to 30 peripheral characters ( = characters playing a minor role). Fantasy novels usually have an even higher number of characters. Those are a lot of names to come up with!

Our spinning wheel is the ideal candidate to brainstorm character names. With a lot of different names in different languages, you'll surely find something that fits the character you are designing.

Incognito mode

Many websites (including this one) offer features for which you need a user account. Sometimes, you may not want to reveal your true identity when signing up. For those cases, a random spinner wheel is perfect too! You can use the random name generator to find a random first name and surname to mask your real identity.

Stage names

Are you a magician or performance artist who needs a great sounding stage name? Use the wheel of names to come up with a catchy random stage name. Be careful though! You must take your time to think about the names the wheel lands on before making a decision! A stage name lasts forever :).

How to use this random decision wheel?



Before spinning, you can change the appearance, sound, and other settings of the wheel to match your style.



Click the Spin button (or the center of the wheel) and the wheel will start turning before landing on a random segment.


Create your own

Do you want to create your own wheel based on this? Click the copy icon to copy the wheel. After that, you can add or edit slices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many last names are there?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are at least 151,671 different last names in use in the United States.

What is the most popular last name?

"Smith" is the most common last name in the US, with a total count of 2,442,977 (as found in the 2010 census). That means about 880 people out of 100,000 have that last name. "Johnson" is the second most popular last name.

What can I use this wheel for?

We can think of a few use cases for this specific random wheel: to come up with character names for a book or play, to stay safe online and keep your real identity a secret, or simply to learn about popular names in the US.

Is the spinner wheel truly random?

In practice: yes. In theory: no. That sounds confusing, but let us explain! In computer programs, nothing is truly random, but it is pseudo-random because a number generated by a program (algorithm) is by definition not random. That said, for 99% of use cases, pseudo-random numbers are considered random enough.

In short: yes the random spinning wheel is truly random and unbiased. Moreover, it can't be rigged! There is no way you can influence the chances of landing on a segment sooner. Changing the timing settings on the wheel will not influence the randomness in any way.

Is it possible to cheat

No! The wheel result is completely randomized. We do not run any pre-processing steps or other decision-making algorithms. The result the wheel lands on is chosen completely random and can not be rigged.